3 comments on “[HTSAS101] Chapter 8: Requiems, Sacrifices and Deaths

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  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your work so far. It started off very light-hearted with all the references and tsukkomi and then blended somewhat quickly into a romance. And finally, a swan dive into dark rape-torture-revenge setting. The whole girl dying horribly was not that unexpected given the implied deep hatred for the gods and the fact they got together so early. (Marriage = Death flag) I am interested how you will proceed with this though. He seems to have cooled off slightly with the deaths of the direct killers of Arin. I can see him returning to check on grandma, but don’t see him remaining anywhere near the proximity of the village that recognizes him as a demon. The god-fearing villagers would fear him despite the obvious corruption of the church. The only ones I feel would be able to look beyond his condition would be grandma, slave girl, and maybe Gustaf(should he be alive). Since you took the time to name the mercenaries, that could be a route for him to gain strength via monster subjugation. That and the fact that rescuing people = meeting new romantic interests/initiating quests. He essentially has a chastity belt on via his elder circuit and the fact his heart is married to Arin, so I don’t see a harem forming like many other summoning/reincarnation fictions occurring. But, a few ephemeral romances would be some nice spice in the story which could add some brief respite from the darker bits of the story. I see a lot of potential in this story and hope to see more of your work in the near future.


    • hmmm. You have given me the longest comment yet. That’s why I want to give you some inside info *wink* don’t tell anyone.
      Yes, the *Mercs* might play a role in the future.
      Gustaf is dead. I cant see how someone with disemboweled intestines could live, given that the Lord incapacitated their main healer, Wasslia grandma.
      As for him cooling off….hmm you just have to wait and watch 🙂
      Now, a little bit about the circuit. It is an exchange right? So…what happens if the girl has some power too? But however since his heart his married to Arin, probably will never happen. 🙂
      Thanks for all the praises.


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