4 comments on “[HTSAS101] Chapter 15: Surviving Inner Demons

  1. I found your site by chance, really, got taken in by the story synopsis, caught up to the latest chapter last week, and have been waiting for updates since.

    The latest chapter took a bit to get used to, not the contents per se, but due to the time lapse between the fight last chapter and suddenly being in control of the ship. This chapter does more than just delving into the psychs of Rigel and Faeve, as it shows that slavery is common enough in this world for the navy to participate in their transport. It’s also somewhat interesting that the sailors of your world don’t have superstitions with regards to women on ships, but it could be a practical necessity I guess.

    On the emotional aspect, I enjoyed how you’re revealing Rigel’s soul for not only Faeve, but also for the readers to see, and being able to get a glimpse of the amount of suffering he puts up with in order to get back at Zain and the other gods in the pantheon.

    On a side note, I really, really enjoyed your older chapter where you described the creation of a godsbane.

    Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for your next chapter. Also, get in the damn robot.


    • Thanks for uncovering the hidden/layered worldbuildings! It means a lot to me! a lot of things become subtle since I try not to info-dump, ad is not always visible apparently.Loved your post!

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