This will be for any and all artwork for any and all stories on this site!

Trinity Mage Art



8 comments on “Fanart/Art

  1. Wow, this artwork is really nice!! I’m really interested in starting to read your story!

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    • Glad hope you enjoy chapter 18 will be out tomorrow! Let me know your thoughts on the story and if you see any mistakes feel free to let me know. Thanks also about the artwork I think he did a great job!

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      • Woo that’s awesome! I’ll start at chapter 1 when I get some time. Do your friends make the artwork?

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        • I am not sure who the person is that made the one with the guy standing he was someone on Royal road that replied to a request that I had made. As for the other one I made that, when I was waiting for his to be made. I wish my friends would or could draw stuff like this for me lol. No rush my story is not going anywhere any time soon. 🙂

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          • That’s amazing! Maybe one day this will become a movie hehe 🙂

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            • lol if only then I could sit back and enjoy the good life jk. 🙂

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              • Definitely!! Does your story relate at all to the Shannara Chronicles? That new tv show that’s out. I read a skim on the chapter 17 and it reminded me of it for some reason.

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                • I saw a commercial for that but otherwise don’t know much about that show so I would have to say no on that.

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