Hosted novels

This page will be for original novels that need a place to be hosted. I plan to open my site to those with original novels that need them hosted. If you are interested leave a comment below, with name of story and a link to where I can find it.

Some requirements.

  1. Your story must be original
  2. At least ten chapters published.
  3. And you must be able to release new chapters regularly. Once a week at the least is preferable but can negotiate if needed to extend the time between chapters.


These requirements are needed to maintain your readers and to keep your story on the site. I don’t want to have authors publishing a few chapters and then leaving.

  1. As for what you can get out of hosting your story here.
  2. You can have your own donation button on your page and all donation for your story are yours.
  3. Once this site gains word ads you can gain some extra funds monthly depending on how well your story fares for the month. As of right now word ads has not approved my site due to not reaching the view requirements. Once CF gains word ads then I will discuss more about it with those who are hosted.


I have big plans for this site and aim to grow it into a large site filled with fantastic tales that take the readers to wonderful worlds. I hope to find many people who share my dream and want to share their stories!



One comment on “Hosted novels

  1. Just asking but… would you be interested to host your work on my blog? I already got WordAds working there and all. (Although I haven’t received any payment from them yet)

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