My Fav Novels

None of these are in any sort of order but in my opinion, these are all great stories. You should definitely check them out. As for the original novels, I am just starting to read more of them so for now there is not many will add more when I find more I like.

Translated Light novels

Coiling Dragon

Close Combat Mage

God of Thunder

Swallowed Star

Peerless Martial God

The New Gate

Zhan Long

Against the Gods

Desolate Era

Tales of Demons and Gods

I shall Seal the Heavens

Martial God Asura

Shadow Rogue 

Chaotic Sword God



Original web novels 

Forgotten Conqueror 

The Great Conqueror

Blue Phoenix

The Shadow’s Blade

Silva’s Diary

Second Saga

Accidental Time God


Other stories I read:

These are all stories you would have to purchase to read these. I am only sharing them to show the books I have read. Though I recommend them if you are ever bored or can’t find a good web novel then these are great!

Red Rising Series by Pierce Brown

Airman By Eoin Colfer

Airborn By Kenneth Oppel

Eragon (Inheritance Cycle) By Christopher Paolini

Maze Runner Series By James Dashner

The Eye Of Minds (Mortality Doctrine Series) By James Dashner

The Summoner (Chronicles of the Necromancer Series)

Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale

A Dance Of Cloaks (Shadow Dance Series) By David Dalglish

Black (The Circle Series) By Ted Dekker

Prince Of Thorns ( The Broken Empire Series) By Mark Lawrence



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