Trinity Mage Index


Author: OscBlade


Sometimes life can deal you a good hand or a shitty one, we call this fate. Some are destined for greatness while others are not. For Aaron Pendragon he was cheated by fate, he was given a great hand then it was taken away. Unable to cope with the life he lived he soon passed away in sorrow, yet his destiny was not finished. Soon Aaron finds himself reborn in a world filled with magic, where fantasy is reality and where he can have a second chance to become someone great. Now in the world of Glilia Aaron embarks on his new journey as a young spell blade known as Trint Dracos.  He will face great dangers as he learns to control his new powers, he will meet many friends and even more foes on his road to greatness. With a vow to control his own fate, he will set off and meet his destiny. Welcome to the tale of the Trinity Mage!

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Magic, Martial Arts, Mature, School life, Original

Mature rating: For blood and gore, foul language and hints to sexual things but no descriptions.

 Info- dump (like a glossary)

Book 1 – The Rise of the Trinity Mage

Book 2 –

Book 3 –


6 comments on “Trinity Mage Index

  1. post at there too


    • Are you asking me to post there too? If so I already do.


    • Oh what… Novel Updates also accept original novel and fanfic?

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      • they have a forum like wuxi where you can post your original stories


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